Greater off-road traction and Performance

The traditional dually setup can present a challenge for offroading. Mud, debris, and rocks can get stuck between the tires, reducing performance and decreasing ride comfort and maintenance efforts.

Our super-single wheels are designed to withstand the equivalent weight (or more) as dual rear wheels, while also providing a more substantial contact surface than standard dual dual tires. Our wheels improve ride comfort, offroad handling, and allow for greater maneuverability on soft and rocky terrain without comprimising performance or weight carrying capacity.

Wehring Motor Company's super-single wheels are designed and manufactured specifically for the extreme terrain encountered by: Emergency response vehicles (Brush trucks, offroad rescue, multimission, etc.), military combat and utility vehicles, overland campers & Earthroamers, farm & ranch vehicles, offroad pleasure vehicles, and more.

We provide DOT Compliant single wheel conversions for:

Ford F450, F550

Dodge 4500

Chevrolet/International C4500, C5500

Personalized service is our priority
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We create solutions for your truck with passion and dedication

Our wheels are
Purpose Built

Wehring super-single wheels are designed, engineered, and rigorously tested to perform under strenuous conditions and heavy workloads.

Strong and Light-weight

Our one-piece wheels are engineered for safety and simplicity while being strong and light-weight

Made in the U.S.A.

Each and every wheel we make is forged, machined, and thoroughly tested in the U.S.A.

Built for Durability and Performance

Our wheels are made to perform specifically for heavy-duty, commercial-grade trucks.

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Specifications & Details

We do not modify or remanufacture other company's wheels. Our wheels are 100% custom, forged and cast from the ground-up. This ensures you are getting the best possible product, everytime!

Each wheel has a unique serial number

Every wheel is stamped with a unique serial number to ensure quality and tracability. If you ever have a problem with one of our wheels, just call us and reference the specific serial number.

Forged and cast by Hutchinson

Wehring Motor Company's custom designed super-singles are forged and cast by Hutchinson, with a known reputation for producing the best wheels in the market.

Available in MPT or Beadlock

MPT Wheel: Multi-purpose tires serve a number of applications where conditions are particularly challenging.

Beadlock wheels: Beadlocks are not reliant on air pressure to keep the tire in place as the bead of the tire is "locked" to the wheel, thus decreasing the chance of getting a flat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am Justin Wehring. My family runs our company in a non-standard way. My business model is not favorable for scaling and growing this business, but it is the only way to provide exceptional customer service and share knowledge. An education campaign is my first deliverable, not a wheel. There is little information about super single wheels available in the market and much of that information is incorrect. It is my goal to talk with you to truly understand your needs and share lessons learned. Every project is unique and I am passionate about building exceptional trucks. I put 3 years into the initial design of our wheels before offering them to you. Even with extensive design and testing before release, we continue to think of ways to improve our designs every day. You have direct access to the same person that developed this wheel, and you will never be connected with a handler that can not answer in depth questions. With passion and a dedication to excellence is the only way we know how to create solutions for your truck builds.

A super single wheel is a special application wheel that converts heavy duty dually trucks with 6 commercial tires to 4 offroad capable tires but also maintain the full capacity of the truck. This allows traditionally commercial trucks to carry a lot of weight and travel offroad successfully. All dually trucks have a front axle that is wider than the rear axle. This makes it difficult to use only 4 tires on the truck and have the track width match between the front axle and the rear axle. In layman terms, the front tires will not leave the same footprint in the dirt as the rear tires. A properly engineered super single wheel can be used on the front and rear axle, on a truck with different width axles, and leave the same footprint in the dirt. This is accomplished by flipping the wheel around backwards from one axle to the other. The shallow side of the wheel faces out on the front axle and the deep side of the wheel faces out of the rear axle. Our wheels have integrated air valves on BOTH sides of the wheel that facilitates airing up and down on both axles.

This question is very personal to me and is the basis for this whole campaign to teach and help people. For all safety, traction, stability, or braking systems to work properly on a vehicle, the tires and wheels must first perform well because they are the ONLY part of the truck that touches the ground. If a wheel wobbles, is not safe or is not perfectly round, it makes for a terrible ride. You can love or hate your $80,000 ranch truck, $250,000 fire truck or $800,000 overland camper simply because of the wheel that you decide to run. It is because of this that I created a properly engineered, tested and purpose-built wheel for you. Our wheels are lighter, stronger and safer than any other super single wheel offered anywhere and by anyone.

When I need to buy super single wheels for my own ranch trucks, I searched for super single wheel vendors at overland expos and on the internet. I bought 6 different sets of super singles over a year only to learn that there was not a safe, simple, strong and light-weight super single wheel available to buy. Most were converted from military surplus wheels that left pre-modification engineering markings on the wheel which did not apply to the modified product. Others were made from agricultural equipment steel wheel shells. The roll-formed steel shells will simply never run smoothly at freeway speeds, and several have broken at the weld where the center plate attaches to the wheel shell. Most had non-standard beads and simply were not DOT compliant. My observation was that they were made as cheaply as possible to maximize profits with little concern for producing a proper solution. Lead times were based on made to order delays and none of these offerings were in stock and available for immediate purchase. I waited for months to receive products that did not meet my expectations and did not improve my trucks.

I decided to design the best wheel possible at any cost and to keep them in stock, ready for immediate delivery to you. Forged aluminum, Made in the USA, unique serial number on each wheel, destructive testing, full engineering, field testing… all of this was done to offer you a no-compromise wheel that measurably improves your truck.

It is a purpose designed and built wheel. They are made in the USA and are machined from domestic forgings. Offering a domestic wheel that is forged aluminum instead of a foreign production and cast aluminum wheel doubled my price. We spent the time and effort to properly engineer these wheels. The design was put through stress analysis and the wheel was physically stress tested to destruction. Field trials were conducted on the final product before offering it to you.

20x10 states that the wheel is 20” in diameter and 10” wide. The 10” width is a good choice for a non-beadlock super single wheel because it pulls the sidewall of the tire in enough to keep the bead seated when running aired down offroad. Another benefit of the 10” width is wheel lip protection. The sidewall of the tire and the lip of a 20x11 wheel stick out equal distance on 335/80R20 Continential MPT81 tires. This exposes the edge of the wheel to damage from trail rash when you rub against rocks, trees or debris offroad. On an 11” wide wheel with the sidewall of the tire the same width as the edge of the wheel.

Each of the trucks for which we offer a super single wheel come from the factory with 19.5” diameter tires and wheels. These are a good choice for hauling heavy loads on the road but are terrible for offroad use. A 19.5” tire cannot be aired down below 70 psi without the risk of the bead popping off of the wheel and there are very few offroad tread selections in this size. All X.5” tires (17.5”, 19.5”, 22.5”, 24.5”) are designed with a tapered bead that is very easy to change tires with simple hand tools. The downside is that they are not good for offroad use because this same tapered bead is easily unseated from the wheel offroad when running aired down for added flotation. Tires with a 20” MPT bead have a high enough load rating to replace the 19.5” duals and the bead shape was specifically designed to be ran aired down offroad.

The bead shape on the tire and wheel must be compatible. The 335/80R20 size tire has an MPT style bead and must be mounted only on wheels with MPT shaped bead surfaces. The same goes for LT beads on light truck tires and wheels. Wheels must have a properly engineered bead profile to be DOT compliant.

Yes. You will need to add a lift kit and cutout fender flares to clear the 41” tall 335/80R20 tires. Please call so we can talk about your specific build goals and needs.

Yes, but not properly. Both the Ram 4500/5500 and the Ford F450/550 use a 10x225mm bolt circle for their wheels. Each wheel will mount on the opposite truck but a universal super single wheel is not possible. We make a wheel specifically for Ford trucks and a wheel specifically for Ram trucks.

The incompatibility is difficult to explain but it is the difference of the difference. All dually trucks have a front axle that is wider than the rear axle; this is the “difference”. The “difference” on a Ram truck is not the same as the “difference” on a Ford truck; this is the difference of the difference. This means that a wheel that tracks properly on a Ford truck will not track properly on a Ram and the reciprocal is also true. Wheels that track front to rear properly on a Ford will have a front track width that is 3” wider than the rear track width on a Ram. Conversely, a wheel that tracks perfectly on a Ram will have a front track width that is 3” narrower than the rear track width.

Super Single wheels have unique needs that are not intuitive to traditional wheel users. Super single wheels require rotating in an X pattern. The front left tire rotates with the rear right tire. The front right tire rotates with the rear left tire. Failure to follow this cross-rotation pattern will cause vibrations.

To further explain why let’s consider the rotation of the tire and the need to flip the wheel around backwards when rotating to the opposite axle. The front left tire rotates forward when driving. If you rotate it to the left rear (remember that the wheel gets flipped backwards) then the tire is running “backwards” from the previous location when you drive forward. This is why you move the front left tire to the back right location so that when you flip the wheel around for the opposite axle, the tire continues to rotate in the same direction.

“Do you offer a black wheel?” is a question that we get at least once per week. Yes we do but we strongly recommend that you run our wheel in the raw without color coating.

Why we do not like black or coated wheels is based on the wheel being flipped around backwards when rotating. When you mount a black wheel on the front axle, the hub studs can scratch the back of the wheel. This is not observed until you rotate tires and the front wheel is flipped around to be installed on the rear axle. The scratches that were on the backside of the wheel on the front location are now visible on the outside of the wheel on the rear location.

A raw finish hides scratches much better than black coating over the bright silver color of raw aluminum.

Yes, we offer a wheel with the 8x225 bolt circle of 1998-2004 F450 and F550 trucks. We do not offer the 8x200 bolt circle for 2011-2014 F450 pickup trucks.

No. We spent months designing and testing a super single conversion wheel for F350 and Ram 3500 dually trucks. We determined that the 41” tall 335/80R20 tire that is required to maintain the full capacity of the truck is simply not a good fit for these trucks. The brakes are too small to stop a 41” diameter tire and the numerically low axle gears (3.55, 3.73 & 4.10) are too “tall” and will overstress the driveline. These trucks also do not share the widetrack front axles with their F450/F550 and 4500/5500 big brothers so the 41” tire will rub on the chassis of the ¾ ton and 1 ton trucks. This rub will not only damage the truck and tires but it will also further restrict the turning radius. We tried very diligently to create this solution but the best customer service that we can give you in this case is to simply say “No” and help you to avoid a build that does not improve your truck.